Easter at Redeemer

Friday, March 30


Bring Your Whole Family!


Make sure to bring your whole family for one of our Good Friday Communion Services. This is a time to focus our hearts and minds on the hope we have because of what Jesus did on the cross. Good Friday services are happening at every campus, and if you can’t make it—join us live online at noon.


Locations & Times



Shuttle Schedule

Gaithersburg Campus - 12 pm Service

Leave COR - 11 am
Leave Shady Grove / Lakeforest - 11:30 am
Arrive to Gaithersburg Campus - 11:50 am

Clarksburg Campus - 7 pm Service

Arrive at Waring Station & Middlebrook - 6 pm
Leave Germantown Transit Center - 6:20 pm
Leave Milestone Park & Ride - 6:30 pm
Arrive at Clarksburg Campus - 6:50 pm

Frederick Campus - 7 pm Service

Arrive at South Market St & Clarke Place - 5:58 pm
Leave Frederick Towne Mall (Bus stop area) - 6:20 pm
Leave Hillcrest Ave & Greenwall Place - 6.28 pm
Arrive at Frederick Campus at - 6.38 pm